What make TikTok so popular for the young people?

Tik Tok is the most popular app in the world these days.It’s the top 1 of the most downloaded on the App Store for the Q1 of 2018 with 45.8 downloads. It placed this application 6th of the overall most downloaded app. This application is well know for his addictive side among the youth. Indeed, most of Tiktokers are actually young users. For some reason young people seem to love to use this app. But what make Tik Tok so popular for the youth?

Still a year ago almost no one except China and few others asian countries know about Douyin (the Chinese name). But only in a year, it became a very popular app all over the world. In june 2018, this app have reached 500 millions monthly users. Two months atfer, TikTok has merged with the famous application in United States called musical.ly which was a real success.

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What do young people like in TikTok?

There are many things that make it so popular. When you are a teenager, you still want to find something that will sand out for something cool. And what is less cool than a little video clip in which you can product awesome effect?

In search of fame

Indeed, there are a lot of things you can do on Tik Tok to make your video look like brilliant. That’s what youngs love, in few minutes only , they can prepare their 15 secs productions to share it with their fans. It’s fun and more than that it’s pretty relaxing for people who use this application. Also, this is pretty simple to earn a lot of fans in a short time with this application. As the age of users is low, young people are more likely to follow more people than when the’re older. This create a desire which can be transformed to addiction of fame. And the main goal of many users is to become famous on TikTok!

Format of content

On Tik Tok you will only see short time videos where people are trying to be attractive, sexy or amazing. That’s a format where users can have fun very fastly and they can pass videos very quickly too. It’s not boring videos of 10 or 20 minutes that you have to be concentrate to watch. Here you can simply¬†see many vids that amuse you. That’s what youngs love in Tik Tok: if you find a video you don’t like, you can find 10 others that you love. Most of videos tend to be attractive at any cost. Even young users try to use beauty, to be sexy or to be very original to get a little moment of fame. These are very superficial things but it works really good and that’s how tiktokers attract more followers on their profile.

These reasons make this application highly controversial. There are actually a lot of people that can’t support this applciation and who don’t hesite to make know it. On some other social network, like Twitter or Instagram, some threads concern the hate about TikTok and these users which product anything to be famous. It’s not surprising to see diverging opinions on such a large application. Not everyone can love it.

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