Tiktok popular creator and verified account to replace the crown

popular creator and verified account

If you follow TikTok’s news since his merge with Musical.ly, you will notice that many changes have been made. Before, it was only a matter of getting the crown by any ways. But now, rules have changed. It’s not possible anymore to obtain a crown on TikTok. Actually, this rewards have been deleted and now it’s replaced by the Popular Creator status. This award is the most easier to obtain for a typical user. Indeed, you can also have the verified account badge on your profile in the case you are a famous people with a lot of fans.

How to be a popular creator on TikTok

Users who keep adding fresh and outstanding content may be assigned this distinction. Unfortunately, there is no exact method to be sure to obtain this status. But if you produce great content, you post videos everydays and if you have a lot of engagement on your posts, it wil higly increase your chances to be a TikTok popular creator. If by any luck, you wake up a morning with a notification from TikTok saying “Congratulations! You are a popular creator now”, so you will see this badge on your profile.

TikTok Popular creator

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TikTok verified account: Which profiles get this badge?

Maybe you used to get a crown when you was using musical.ly application. But now that this badge has been deleted, don’t worry. As we said above, there are new badges that replace the crown. We’ve already talked about popular creators, so now let’s place to tiktok verified account.

Verified account

Here again, there is no exact sciences about how to get this badge. Of course, a huge presence on the application will help a lot. This means you also need to produce quality content, as this badge reflects your authority. Try to get an active community that talk a lot about you, comment your videos, gives you hearts etc… All of this will inflate your TikTok influence, and so you will have more chance to get the Verified account checkmark.

Don’t forget that even with knowing these facts, it won’t necessarily give your a badge on tiktok. These badges are given by a random ways, and there is no exact method to be sure to get one of them. Visit the official website to know exactly what are the Tiktok rules so you will understand better how this applciation is working.

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