Tik Tok Crown : a simple way to get crowned for free

Tik tok is the biggest video social network arround the world with 500 millions actives users since June 2018. The application has recently merge with the famous app “Musical.ly” to group all users in a same application. But don’t worry, nothing change for you if you was a musical.ly user except the name of the app. It can even be great for you as the are a lot of more users here now. So it means that you have potentially a lot of more people that could reach your videos. To be famous on this app is even easier nowaday. And yes, it’s still possible to get a Tik Tok crown too!

tik tok crown


How to get the Tik Tok crown ?

Are you looking for the crown on tik tok since a while? Maybe you already try your best with no result…
Then we have the best solution for you! With this new tool, you will get crowned on tik tok within only few minutes. You only need to enter your Tik Tok username inside the tool page then click on “Get Crown” button. After 1 min of loading and a little verification, you can see the crown on your profile!




Can I have a free tik tok crown?

Yes! This tool is free to use for every users. There are already a lot of people happy with the result. By the way, feel free to leave a comment in the section below after using our tool. Because your feedback is always precious and important to make udpates. So don’t wait and be ready to get the free tik tok crown on your profile. Your friends will probably be jealouse by seen that. It can also bring you more fame on the app! 


How do I use your crown generator?

This is really simple! In few steps only you are able to complete the full process:

  1. Go the the generator tool throught the button below.
  2. Enter your tik tok username.
  3. Click on the “Get Crown” button to connect your account with the servers.
  4. Wait about one minute for tool to do the work.
  5. Get back to your Tik Tok account and enjoy your free crown !

If you need more explanation about how to do it, you can simply watch this video below. The video is actually outdated as it was used on the musical.ly version, but it work exactly the same.

We want all the best for you on tiktok. This application is really awesome and we know that a lot of people are using this seriously. Indeed it can make you famous on tik tok and why not world wide popular. It can even bring you some money! That’s the reason why we decide to make our website public to everyone. Because now all people who find our article is able to get his tik tok crown.

Is this Tik tok tool safe for my account ?

Yes of course, our tik tok crown tool is 100% safe for you and you account. There is no way from Tik Tok moderation to know how you get the crown. The servers use encrypted data when process to reward you. So don’t be scared for your account. Don’t forget that the crown is an awesome way to get more popular on tik tok. It brings you more fans and make you account more trustly for other users, you wont regreat this. Feel free to share this tool with your friends if they don’t have the tik tok crown yet. If you wait to get it from “natural” way, you probably will never got it…

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