Generating your first bunch of TikTok Followers

Today, it’s actually very easy to be famous on TikTok with this services. So if you are new here, read this page and learn how to get started with your new fans and likes. It has never been that easier for any users to obtain more fame on this application than today thanks to tiktokfreefans. Without any requirement, you will be able to earn tons of new fans and likes on your Tik Tok profile within few minutes only. You just need to know how to use the generator, so you will figure out it’s easier than you may think.

How to use the online generator?

Here you can find two differents generators that will help you to be famous on this application. The first one is about followers amount and the second is only about the TikTok badge. Both features are very important to build a legitimate account. If you want any authority on Tik Tok you need to get a profile that fills certain standard. Basically you need to get a serious volume of engaged fans which will likes the video you share. This will increase your popularity as more likes means more visibility and so more fans. It’s true virtuous circle. You only need to impact one of the factor to turn this wheel. That’s where tiktokfreefans help users to start. Both generator features on work exaclty the same. So here are the step by step guide to get started with them.

Step by step guide

  • Visit our home page at
  • Find the access to the generator. There are buttons on both pages to go there.
  • Start to synchronize your TikTok account with the generator. For this step, simply enter your username and click connect. This will find your account to start add supplies on it.
  • Choose out what you want to get on your profile. More fans, likes or even the crown. Click on “start generate” to make the tool works instantly.
  • Just a minute after this, it should be ready and a last step can appear.
  • Last step is to prove that you’re not a robot. That’s a common use on online service to avoid the use of spam. It will be necessary to prove you are a human to get what you want.

Nothing more to do! Once you complete all these steps, return on your Tik Tok profile and see the result. It takes usually up to 10 minutes to see the supplies come to it. Just be a bit patient.

Start with your new awesome TikTok profile

Now you have everything you have always want for your account. You can start a second life in-app with as you have now a profil that looks famous. This means it will be a lot easier to reach a large amount of tiktokers. If the videos you share are great quality, this will insanely boost your amount of likes too. Get ready to be a top user. Start to impress your friends. Attract the attention of other users and perhaps have a featuring opportunity that can also help you to be famous. If you have any trouble with the use this you can contact us for a personal help.

We hope that you are happy with this TikTok generator. Therefore we invit you to tell us your opinion in the comment section below.