4 advices that will help you to become famous on TikTok

In 2018, it’s not really a surprise to see teenagers that want to become internet famous at any cost. Indeed, a lot of teens want to prove to themself that they are able to product awesome content. And this often result by being followed by plenty of other people that admire them. There are doing this obviously throught some well knowed social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat). But a video social network called TikTok is taking a huge place in teens nowaday!

What is TikTok?

Tik Tok is a new version of the video-sharing application Musical.ly, which has known really famous inside United States and Europe.

Both apps have merged together to make one huge application. Effectively, Tik Tok was mainly used in China with over 150 Millions of users. But it’s now a immense application since all users of Musical.ly have moved there. This is the first time we can see a successfull union like that in this industry! Indeed, this means for Tik Tok users they can possibly reach a lot of more people when they share a video as there is a lot of more users due to this merge. And this is a great opportunity for teens to became famous on this application, because, we are currently counting about 500 millions Tik Tok users all arround the world.

Think about Jacob Sartorius, Baby Ariel or even Loren Beech. They became famous inside musical.ly app by seducing most of the users and so started a real career in internet industry. Imagine if they started now on Tik Tok which has 4x more users than musical.ly has? They would probably be followed by even more people! And get even more fame arround the application. So it’s hope to you to use this merge on your advantages and profit of this to reach more people to attract new fans.

4 Adivces to get more Tik Tok followers

There are of course some tips that can’t be avoided if you wan’t to increase your amount of TikTok free followers:

– Get a friendly and engaging profile: Take time to build of profile. You need to take time before describe your creator indentity. See others famous profile and take inspiration from them and try to stay original.

– Focus on creating awesome content: check some tutorial on how to make a great Tik Tok video before starting posting. Exactly as other content sharing netfwork (as Instagram, Snapchat,etc..), there are obviously plenty of good advices that will increase quality of your content.

– Try to engage your audience: people will like you if you interact with them. It’s true, if you interact with your fans (like asking them something in caption, sharing things on other social network,etc…) people will be more friendly with you and will likely follow you for a longer period.

– Make content with other users: this can really boost your profile. Indeed, to make feature with other Tik Tok users (and mainly famous users) will increase your fans very higly. If you show your profile to an already loyal audience, new users should follow you up. This way can profit also for the other featured users so this is the best advise you should use!

So, that was the four best tips we can give you at this time to be famous on Tik Tok. This is actually a very intersting period for every users. It’s hope to you to take profit of this unexcepted merge that happen 1 month ago.

These advices can as well help you to obtain the tiktok crown as you will get more authority on the application!

Good Luck!

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